Volkswagen Brake Services

If you notice braking problems, you can visit VW Service Xpress for an inspection without an appointment.


Volkswagen Brake Services in Davie, FL

The braking system is vital for safety, so we take your brake services seriously! Local Volkswagen drivers can gain peace of mind with their routine brake maintenance and repairs by visiting us for certified Volkswagen service by experts that understand the braking system inside and out. Our certified technicians have direct experience maintaining the braking system on your Volkswagen model. You can also look through our coupons for brake service and parts at Rick Case Volkswagen.



Brake Services

  • Brake Fluid Exchange - Brake fluid exchange is routine maintenance needed due to integrity decline at the recommended miles, contamination, or leaking. Service removes the old fluid, checks the other braking components, and installs original equipment brake fluid to specifications.
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  • Brake Pad Replacement - Brake pad replacement service is routine maintenance that all drivers should expect because they wear out. We replace worn front, rear, or all brake pads using genuine OEM parts. The most common indicators that your vehicle needs brake pad maintenance are eardrum-piercing screeches while braking and dashboard warning lights.
  • Brake Inspections - You probably don’t think about the condition of your braking components while driving, but all drivers certainly want powerful braking when they need it most! Routine brake inspections reduce uncertainties about overall braking performance by checking the essential components’ condition/reliability. All drivers should get brake inspections at the recommended miles or if braking problems develop. We have certified technicians to assess the braking system by checking the pads, rotors, lines, fluid, calipers, and hardware.
  • Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement - Brake rotor maintenance comes in two forms depending upon wear and tear: resurfacing/machining or replacement. Resurfacing is for rotors with shallow blemishes, and replacement is needed if we cannot remove the damage according to specifications. Most drivers should get an inspection by a certified technician to determine which rotor maintenance is necessary.
  • Caliper Service - The brake calipers squeeze together to push the brake pads against the brake rotors, and they will regularly need to be cleaned, lubricated, and inspected to ensure that they are providing the necessary precision.
  • Non-Routine Brake Repairs - Sometimes non-routine brake repairs are needed depending upon the severity of use plus wear and tear. We can provide any non-routine brake repairs required for master cylinders, lines, calipers, and more!

Schedule Brake Service at Rick Case Volkswagen

Scheduling brake service is easy at the online service scheduler or by phone during regular business hours. Don’t forget that we provide brake system inspections without an appointment through VW Service Xpress! Every brake service at Rick Case Volkswagen includes a multi-point vehicle inspection. We are conveniently located in Davie, near Weston, Pembroke Pines, Plantation, and Sunrise.