Volkswagen Diesel Oil Change Service

Volkswagen Diesel Oil Change Service

Volkswagen Diesel Engine Oil Change Service at Rick Case Volkswagen

At Rick Case Volkswagen, we offer certified auto service, parts, and accessories for your Volkswagen. Our facility is located in Davie, FL, a short drive from Weston, Pembroke Pines, Sunrise, and Plantation. We are proud to offer certified technicians who go through regular training to keep their skills up to date with the latest technology in Volkswagen vehicles. One of the services on offer is a diesel oil change service. Our technicians are familiar with all types of Volkswagen engines, including the VW TDI engine. We use OEM VW motor oil when performing an oil change in our service center.


Synthetic vs. Conventional diesel oil change

An oil change is one of the most important auto services for your vehicle. It helps maximize the life of engine components and improve the fuel economy of the vehicle. We carry fully-synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional motor oil. Our technicians can guide you on the right type of motor oil for your vehicle and driving conditions. We recommend that you use synthetic motor oil as has it has some key advantages over conventional motor oil. It is designed to be more chemically stable, allowing it to last longer, even in more extreme temperatures. It also provides more uniform lubrication with minimal impurities.

How often do you need an oil change for the diesel engine?

Volkswagen has a recommendation for oil change service for each type of vehicle. You can check the owner’s manual of your Volkswagen for the service interval recommendation. For most types of vehicles that use conventional oil, the service interval is between 3,000 to 5,000 miles. However, you can go as far as 10,000 miles without an oil change when you use synthetic oil.

Diesel vs. Gasoline oil change service

Diesel engines require a different type of motor oil to gasoline engines. Using the wrong type of motor oil for your engine can severely damage the engine. You should check with a certified technician to make sure the right type of motor oil is being used. Diesel engine motor oil has a higher convention of additives, which can be handled by the catalytic convertor of diesel engines, but gasoline engines might not be able to do so.

Schedule a diesel engine oil change service at Rick Case Volkswagen

You can schedule an oil change with us by giving us a call or you using the online service scheduling tool on our website. For the latest oil change coupons and promotions, make sure to check our service promotions webpage. We highly recommend that you use our multi-point inspection service. It will help us find and fix issues that might not be apparent to you.


Complimentary Amenities

When you want to make sure your VW is at its very best, come to Rick Case Volkswagen for maintenance or repairs. While we treat your VW to top-quality service (with Genuine VW parts), you'll get the VIP treatment in our amenity-filled customer lounge. Scheduling your appointment is a breeze: you can either call us or use our online service scheduler.

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